Given - specified, inclined or taking into account

Consent - permission for something to happen to agreement to do something

Tools for Building Consensual Community 

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Hello I'm Jamie Cawelti (she/her) 


First, I'm Executive Director of Sex Positive World; best known for classes on consent, boundaries, discussion groups on gender identity, alternative relationship styles, and self healing through pleasure/play.

Second, I have a YouTube channel with shows on consent, community building, and book reviews. There's a lot to learn in every episode. 

Third, I'm a video producer for hire, I love working with non-profit organizations and people changing the world!


The Shows


Jamie's Given Consent

Youtube Channels

Jamie's Given Consent exists to introduce you to the people and ideas behind consent culture. Empowering you with the tools to disrupt toxic patterns, and pursue healthy desires.

Interviews with experts on Consent, Polymory, BDSM, Kink, LGBT+ Issues, Sex Positive Culture, and more!

What's Given Consent about?
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