Work with Jamie
Approachable Relationship Coaching + Consent/Kink Classes


sick of being in relationships that SUCK?

can't seem to find a romantic partner


interested in EXPANDING the

relationship you're in now?

curious about ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES like BDSM, swinging, nudism, polyamory, open relationships, and so much more?

Jamie Cawelti would love to work with you to provide clarity and answer your questions, giving you the skill set to move forward and immerse yourself in relationships worth craving.

Jamie has participated in successful polyamorous dynamics for over six (7) years—ethically, consensually, and happily. She transforms people, relationships, and lives by teaching natural and approachable consent, boundaries, and pleasure. Jamie's services and seminars are for all humans belonging to any age group, gender, orientation, and relationship style.

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