How to Start a Sex Positive Community

Over the past few years I’ve put a lot of time and effort into sex positive communities both locally in person and internationally online with Sex Positive World. This is my three part guide to getting a new community started that’s consent community driven. The guide works best for sex positive, or kink communities, but I’m sure it has other uses.

The first question you need to be able to answer when starting a community is “why”? This is where I need to give a disclaimer that your goals need to be honorable and not for personal gratification. Those turn into ugly scenes. This is about community building, and being free to express our unique sexuality. I personally connected with polyamorous, cuddle, and rope bondage groups in my journey as personal reasons why.

Start with socials, even include friends that may want to share in or support your journey. Which begs the question - where do you advertise? Meetup, eventbrite, bloom, fetlife, facebook groups - it changes by region and your current connections/talents.

Choose events you find interesting, or venues you like - partner with others like the local dungeon. Mingle and tell everyone what you’re up to! Book club, watch party, classes, discussion groups.

Once you’ve got a small group, decide on some standards and what kind of events you’d like to have in the future. Confidentiality, care, consent, communication.

Have you started a community and have something to add?

Do you see a better way to attract new members?

Next time: How to structure touch events

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