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Relationships are hard, and for those of us who don’t follow the traditional monogamous model it can be isolating and disconnecting.  We struggle with where we can go for support and how to find good resources for problems that are unique to non monogamous people.  Where can you turn to have a non judgmental and open discussion around the struggles of your relationships?  How do you find the support to improve your communications in intimate relationships?  

This Intensive was formed for this very reason. I'm offering a 6 week course that is focused on the problems and issues facing people who identify as non monogamous, kinky, or in a non-traditional relationship. 

This course will focus on improving communication, intimacy, and sex while navigating the specific challenges for non monogamous people.  You will learn how to set healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, create relationship agreements and connect better to your partner(s).  



About Jamie:

Jamie is the Executive Director of Sex Positive World, she has hosted sex positive events since 2018 including consent workshops, boundaries classes, facilitated cuddle events, and immersive week/weekend long sex positive events. She is polyamorous, queer, and kinky with a love of shibari/rope bondage. She leads discussion groups and classes on relationships of all sizes, orientations, and dynamics. Her background is in communications, video production, and marketing; check out her YouTube channel on consent culture.